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Senior and geriatric dogs hold a special place in my heart.  I adore them.  I have had the pleasure of caring for dogs from puppyhood through old age, both personally and in my career.  

Senior dogs have their own set of needs.  As they age, their joints may become sore or stiff.  They lose muscle tone.  Their hearing and vision change.  The skin becomes thinner and may get bumpy.  They are harder to get into the car.  They may get confused or more anxious.

Senior dogs still need to be groomed.  In fact, their grooming needs tend to increase as they age.  Their nails grow faster, their skin can get dry or oily.  They may become less tolerant of brushing and bathing by their families, while their need for grooming increases.  Mobile grooming is a great service for them.

They sometimes are less tolerant of the grooming process than they used to be.  But the goal for geriatric dogs is comfort.  I use shampoo specially formulated for senior dogs' delicate skin and tender joints.  I provide a thick pad on my table that the dogs love