Q: How long is the wait list?

A:The wait list is set up according to zip code.  I take the name, type of dog, zip code and how often the dog is groomed.  When I get a vacancy in an area, I contact the people on the list from that zip code.  There is no way to predict when an opening will occur in a given area.

Q: Do you use cold water for the bath?

A:  EEK! No.  I fill my water tank with warm water and use a water heater to keep it at a comfortable temperature for the dogs.  

Q:  How long will it take?

A: Grooming times will vary depending on the breed/size of the dog, the type of haircut, the behavior of the dog and the humidity in the air.  Most grooms are complete in 1 1/2 hours.  Large breed, long haired, matted, or unruly dogs may take longer.

Q:  I work during the week.  Do you ever do evening or weekend appointments?

A:  Evenings and weekends are reserved for my family.  However, after we have gotten to know each other, established trust, and have found the right haircut for your dog, you do not need to be home.  It's really nice to come home to a freshly groomed dog after a long day at work!

Q:  Why does mobile grooming cost more than a grooming salon?

A:  In addition to the bath and haircuts that your dog gets at the grooming salon, mobile grooming provides a low stress, low stimulation environment.  There are no other dogs in the van and no foot traffic going in and out the door.  I work one-on-one with the dog and NEVER put them in a cage to dry.  This means I work straight through to complete the groom.  On top of this, I come to you, saving you valuable time and at least 2 trips to the salon.  These are the additional services that are INCLUDED in the mobile grooming fee.  Mobile grooming is a low volume style of grooming.  A single salon groomer can groom 6-12 dogs, especially when utilizing cages for drying.  I groom 3-4 dogs per day on average.  

Q:  Why won't groomers demat my dog?

A:  Dematting is painful for the dog.  Leaving mats is not an option.  If you would like your dog left longer, I will try to clip and blend.  But if it is not possible, I will give the dog a fresh start.  If it's not possible to brush your dog regularly, a shorter cut will help prevent the painful matting.  

Q: Why do my dog's nails grow so fast?

A:  Many dogs do not get exercise on rough surfaces to keep their nails short.  In fact, most of our dogs spend their time on carpeting or grass so they don't wear down on their own.  Because of this, most dogs need a MONTHLY nail trim to maintain an appropriate length.  If you are stretching grooming out past 4 weeks, it is normal for your dog's nails to click on the hardwood floor. It's a good idea to have your dog's nails trimmed between grooming, even if that means going to the vet or a grooming salon for this service.

Q:  Do you give multi-pet discounts?

A:  That's a reasonable assumption when you think about the gas and travel time of mobile grooming.  However, each dog still gets the same one-on-one grooming, low stress, low stimulation environment whether they are the 1st dog or the 4th dog at a household.  They still do not spend the day at the grooming salon. And you still do not have to load them into the car.  It's the same amount of work for me so I do not offer a discount for multiple pets at a location.

Q:  I only want a light trim, why do you charge full price?

A:  A light trim involves more scissor work, more grooming products and more rinsing, drying and brushing time.  Longer hair takes more grooming so I do not offer a discount for light trims.

Q:  How often should I brush my dog's hair?

A:  Ideally?  Daily.  How often do you brush your hair?  The more hair a dog has, the more often you should brush.  If you like to keep your dog's hair longer, you need to brush daily.  If you want to reduce shedding, You should brush daily.  Or I would be happy with weekly.  But your groomer cannot do 1 or 2 months' worth of brushing in a single grooming session.  

Q:  How often should my dog be groomed?

​A:  Grooming schedules depend on the haircut and lifestyle of the dog.  All dogs benefit from regular grooming.  My clients keep 2, 4, 6 or 8 week schedules.  The longer you want to keep your dog's hair, the more often you should have it groomed.

Frequently Asked Questions​


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